How to use our site

Since COIN currently does not offer an API service, we have to pull the data from their website. Only you can view your data on their website. For us to collect and organize your data, you have to view your geoclaims page, copy that data and upload it to our website.

This is really for those that have Master Subscriptions. With a Master Subscription you can place Geoclaims anywhere in the world.

Our website is intended to be used on a computer. Using a computer will be much easier than trying to use your phone.

Save your data

Login to your COIN account and go to There will be a date with a down arrow. This is the weekly campaign. The one already displayed is the current week. Select a desired week you want to see stats on.

Google Chrome

Right click anywhere on the webpage and select “Inspect“.

A new window will pop up with a bunch of code. This is HTML (code that creates and displays the page in the browser).

Put your mouse cursor over <html lang=”en”> and right click, select “Copy” and then select “Copy element“.

DO NOT view page source and save or copy that data, it will not work.

Open up a text editing program, like Notepad, create a new document and paste the HTML into it. Then save the file as a .txt or .html file.


Coming Soon

Microsoft Edge

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Uploading your data

That upload area you saw on our homepage, that is where the magic happens. Click on “Choose File” and find the file you just saved and click on “Start Upload”.

*Geoclaim Masters – Your data is saved, so if you upload the current week campaign, you can always reupload that campaign once it is finished to update the data on that campaign.

What is a Geoclaim Master and why should you become one?

Geoclaim Masters are paid memberships that allow you to store your data so you can test, plan and strategize your weekly campaigns to maximize your COIN earnings.

View your Weekly Campaigns

You will see what you Paid, Earned, Gained and your Profit for each tile in that weeks campaign. You can click on a tile to see that tile’s details.

View Tile Details

See all the stats of a specific tile. This will help you decide what tiles you should invest in and what tiles you should avoid. The stats are sortable and you can click on the Campaign week to see the Campaign’s data.

View your GeoClaims

All of your Campaign weeks at a glance. Each field is sortable and you can click on the Campaign week to see the Campaign’s data.

Top 5

Here you can see your Top 5 performing Geoclaims as well as Campaigns, sorted by Profit, Gained and Earned. You can click on the Campaign week or the Tile ID to see more details. The tile image will enlarge when you mouse over it.