COIN App Subscriptions – Are they worth it?

Want to know if a plan is worth it?

Here is data from a 586 mile round trip with Basic, Pro and Master Subs.

Phone 1, my main account, is a Google Pixel 4 on a Pro Account. My NFC Sentinel it tied to this phone.

Phone 2, my referral account, is an Iphone XS on a Master Account using the NFC Sentinel.

Phone 3 is an old LG (referral as well) that runs the Basic Sub using the NFC Sentinel.

The Pro account got 5,021.59 coin on the trip and the top 5 geomines were 192.70, 70.07, 61.55, 60.14 and 49.48.

The Master account got 15,009.31 coin with top 5 geomines at 161.45, 82.56, 64.1, 62.91 and 62.49.

The Basic account got 277.92 coin and top 5 geomines at 10.22, 6.97, 3.04, 2.56 and 2.51.

So if you break it down by mile:

Pro – 8.57 COIN per mile

Master – 25.61 COIN per mile

Basic – 0.47 COIN per mile

Some data to think about – Running all 3 at the same time there were times where they mined the same tile. So using just one phone more than likely could have netted more coin than it got in the group. Also there were times where service was limited.

Also, when both the Pixel 4 and Iphone XS were on pro accounts, the Pixel mined much faster than the Iphone even though they had the same subs. So I imagine if the Pixel 4 had the Master account it would have received more coin than the Iphone did. The LG is an old phone and was running on the hotpot of the Iphone. Also the app would close on occasion so I would have to restart it.


Just wanted to add that the Master Sub gets way more “Reward Visits” for stores than the other account, like way more, 10x+.

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